Our Triathlon Community

Club Coaches

We have some great local coaches who work with the club to provide swim, bike & run training sessions for all ages & all abilities. The coaches support the club with pro bono work, giving back to the local community and passing on their passion and knowledge for the sport of triathlon.

If you think you might want to have a specific coached program then come along to one of our sessions and have a chat with the coaches about your triathlon goals and your training needs.

Meet our club coaches




Group Training & Events

We have group training throughout the year.  As club members you can access these sessions via a concession card which you can purchase in our store. All you do is present the card at the start of the session to get it stamped.

Each concession card is $20 and will get you access to 10 coached sessions. 

If you are a non member the cost of these cards is $60 or the cost on a pay per session basis is $10 each session.

We have a club presence at events in the area which will be advertised on FB or the website.  You'll see our club tent and hopefully the BBQ cranked up.

The club runs a local swim event at Lake Puketirini Huntly which we continue to build each year.  When you join the club you will get a free entry to one of these events.


Triathlon Plans

We have a great selection of training plans, designed by the club coaches.  You can buy these through the store and easily download them into your membership page. You can see all your workouts on the iPhone or android apps.  You can also down load the program as a PDF.

For a little more cost if you want a feedback and program alterations there is the option on some plans to have contact & emails with the coach.

The beginner plan is free to members and is fully supported by a great coaching program designed to get you up and running, and of course hooked on the sport of  triathlon.





Our Promise to You

We will help you succeed & have fun, with coaching for all ages and all abilities 

Email hamiltontriathlonclub@gmail.com          Postal Address Hamilton Triathlon Club, PO Box 7, Waikato Mail Centre, Hamilton 3240, New Zealand